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When it comes to anything we do at CreaFood Trading we follow strict quality standards. We make sure our customers only receive the very best when it comes to our products and services, so it is no wonder that we’re the best food ingredients supplier in the Middle East.

Image by Sinjin Thomas

Transglutaminase Enzymes

Only the Best

Improves the texture and other physical properties of your product.

Gelatin & Collagen

Whatever You Need

Bovine skin collagen-based solutions.

Image by Alexander Schimmeck
Image by Mathilde Langevin


Just The Finest

Healthy (low calories) sugar-replacer

Dairy Products

As It Should Be

Milk powder, Casein, Butter, Cheese, and Whey products.

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Image by Jason Richard

Texturizers & Specialty Ingredients

With A Fine Touch

Additives that are used as gelling and thickening agents in the food and beverage industry, and in a growing number of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and technical applications.

Functional Systems

For A Top-class Product

Stabilizers for dairy and confectionary.

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